Sunday, August 10, 2008

Handmade doll house furniture

These sweet pieces hail from our local Hutterite colony. They were handmade for a girl who proceded to grow up, marry, and have all boys!! Needless to say, they were not interested in the doll house furniture. Each piece is priced at $14.95

Handmade wood cupboard with mirror

This is a really lovely cupboard. Very well made. It measures 24 x 30 x 5.5". Priced at $18.95

Wooden chair

This really is a very comfortable chair! Priced at $150

Nippon handpainted

Nippon, cream and sugar, handpainted, pre-1930
This set is wonderfully light and delicate. Priced at $75

Noritake bowl Japan

Noritake bowl, Japan, handpainted

Light and lustrous, this shallow bowl will make a beautiful addition to any collection. Priced at $12.95

Tillowity, Germany cream and sugar

Tillowity, Germany cream, sugar and tray

Factory of The Rheinhold, Schlegchmilch family 1914-1945

Another gorgeous set. Priced at $125

Royal Winton cream and sugar set


Royal Winton silver and gold plated cream, sugar and tray

This is a gorgeous set! Absolutely gleams. This set is priced at $27.95.